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Treating a Sprained Ankle

  • Dr. Bruce Zappan
  • December 29, 2017

Ankle sprains are a very common injury, and you don’t have to be participating in a sport like basketball to experience this type of trauma to your ankle, but it does happen frequently to sports enthusiasts. A sprain can occur as the ankle tends to roll outwards while the foot is firmly planted on the ground, causing strain to the ligaments and tendons, often accompanied by extreme pain and discomfort.

Treatments for ankle sprains include:

  • The RICE method—Rest, Icing, Compression, and Elevation. Taping and bracing to reduce movement should be followed by application of ice and the taking of ibuprofen to help reduce inflammation. Compression bandaging can help prevent bruising and elevation promotes fluid draining and inflammation reduction.
  • Immobilization and weight removal—It may be necessary to wear a rigid boot or to walk with crutches to immobilize the joint and take the weight pressure off during recovery.
  • Physical therapy—As the ankle heals, it is very important to slowly strengthen it and improve flexibility, being sure not to cause a reinjury by being too aggressive. Proper physical therapy treatment will reduce pain while increasing mobility.
  • Surgery—Extreme injuries may require reconstructive surgery to repair damaged ligaments. These repair tendons may be grafted from nearby structures. Arthroscopic surgery may be used to remove loose pieces of bone and cartilage.

It’s necessary to have severe ankle sprains treated with the help of your foot doctor since improper treatment can lead to improper healing, leaving the ankle more susceptible to another sprain in the future. For any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles, it is important to see a foot specialist to receive the correct care. Bruce B. Zappan, D.P.M., P.C., of Medical Arts Podiatry Associates in Philadelphia, PA is an expert in proper evaluation and recommendations for treatment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or make an appointment with our office at 215-563-2560.