"Dr. Zappan is a First-Rate physician! He possesses a World Class education; which only in combination with the genuine care and concern he shows for his patients makes Dr.Zappan the only choice for a Philadelphia area Podiatrist. For Dr. Zappan, Healer is a far better description than doctor."

"Saved me lots of money with orthotics by subscribing a less expensive pair. Treated my severe foot pain. He is extremely intelligent and skillful in medicine. He shows much compassion and concern towards patient care. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

"When I came in to Dr. Zappan's office, I was limping and experiencing daily debilitating heel pain that severely limited my mobility. Dr. Zappan was friendly, empathetic, and didn't rush me through the visit. Less than a month later, I was pain free and moving around freely. If you want results, this seems like the Doc to see. He certainly was for me!"

"Dr Zappan is top notch. After dealing with foot pain for months, Dr Zappan diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis in my first visit. He got me back on my way to a pain-free foot immediately and I was fully healed within two months. Thanks so much, Dr Zappan!"

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